Break up your learning content into small, manageable portions that your users can easily engage with and understand. With Luma OnDemand, you can build mini online courses, just-in-time explanations, and quickly searchable content within minutes. Learning experiences are accessible by anyone you choose, anywhere using a browser or mobile device. All you need is your imagination!


Create on-demand and searchable eNuggets®. Make learning quick, easy and fun by boiling down content into the essential understandings.


Rapidly build and deliver content to any browser or web-accessible mobile device. Make your content truly mobile!


With OnDemand eNuggets®, you can track your users' progress and incentivize users with assessments, Open Badges and rewards.


Searchable and easy categorization of content

Assessments, open badges and rewards

Mobile video conversion and in-browser audio recording


Optional social media features

Hosting and support


LumaTM offers custom and comprehensive elearning and training solutions. Contact us if you need customization of your OnDemand collection, or visit learnwithluma.com to learn more!

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