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Small bits of content


Data on how people learn


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Luma creates what we call 'enduring knowledge'

We break content down and make it authentic to the learner so that it is easier to learn. This is how we are able to produce unprecedented results and give learners the mastery of the subject.

"The training we get is short, to the point, and very interactive. [Our employees] love it. They've made comments that it's like playing a video game. But most importantly. they truly retain what they are being taught."

Real-Time Analytics

We take real-time analytics and use it to change the curriculum to make our courses better and the outcomes stronger. Read a case study.


With the Learning Dashboard, users can earn points by completing assessments, participating in discussions, completing surveys and polls, and engaging in the content. They see themselves on leaderboards and can trade points in for rewards and digital certificates. We can work with you to set up a custom rewards program.

"This is the only training we've found that we like," says Jason Eisenman, safety manager of the 150-truck fleet. "We have tried a couple of different services, but the training from [Luma] is customizable and tailored specifically to drivers and the topics that are important to them."

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